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Follow the links below to find out more about the internship programs we offer:


A long term internship program for individuals keen to further their careers in marine conservation by gaining practical experience working within a marine research organization.

What skills will you learn?

  • Experience working within a non-profit marine conservation NGO

  • Caribbean reef fish identification

  • Research dive experience

  • Coral reef surveying techniques

  • Whale shark population monitoring skills

  • Experience working within a marine research institution

  • Experience coordinating and leading ecotours

  • Community outreach and environmental education skills

  • Experience of conservation and eco-tourism issues on a Caribbean island.

What is included in the project cost?

  • Pick up on arrival to Utila (provided you give us your arrival details)

  • Accommodation (includes wifi, self contained kitchen, tap water bills)*

  • Welcome and departure meal

  • All survey and monitoring training

  • Lionfish spear training, and dissection workshop

  • Boat orientation work shop

*Accommodation conditions are subject to change

Dates & Cost

WSORC Research Assistant programs require a minimum commitment of 2 months for those who are already Divemaster certified, and 3 months for those needing to gain their certification. The cost of the RA program is $1,400 USD per month. Start dates available for our 2024 RA programs are as follows:


Upcoming Program Dates:

January 8th – February 3rd, 2024

February 5th – March 2nd, 2024

March 4th – March 30th, 2024

April 1st – April 27th, 2024

May 6th – June 1st, 2024

June 3rd – June 29th, 2024**

July 1st – July 27th, 2024**

August 5th – August 31st, 2024**

September 2nd – September 28th, 2024

September 30th – October 26th, 2024

October 28th – November 23rd, 2024

November 25th – December 21st, 2024

All MCI and RA programs are set to normally begin on the first Monday of every month and finish on the last Saturday of every month, with a few exceptions.

**June, July, August internships are priced at $2399

Required Attributes:

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Experience studying marine biology, conservation, environmental studies or related field is preferable but not essential

  • Microsoft Office experience

  • PADI Dive Master certified or equivalent. Please Note: Candidates who are not certified to Dive Master level may still complete a Dive Master internship. For more information, please email

  • Ability to work in tropical conditions within a hot and humid climate

  • Comfortable at sea and working on boats

  • Interpersonal skills, initiative, enthusiasm and the ability to work within a team

  • Must bring their own dive gear including BCD, regulators, dive computer, mask, fin & booties, dive compass, and dive slate


Please fill out the WSORC Application Form and send us an email Our team will review your application and get back to you soon. Thanks!

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