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Follow the links below to find out more about the internship programs we offer:


To provide people who are passionate about the natural environment and SCUBA diving an introduction to Marine Conservation.

What skills will you learn?

  • SCUBA diving qualifications up to Advanced Open Water (if necessary)

  • Caribbean reef fish identification Introduction

  • Basic Coral and Invertebrate identification Introduction

  • Coral Watch survey techniques

  • Coral nursery introduction

  • Lion Fish containment basics

What is included in the project cost?

  • All of the lectures and associated dives mentioned above

  • T-shirt

Dates & Cost:

For certified divers, this program takes 6 days and starts every Monday. If you still need to get your Open Water Diver certification, add an extra 5 days to your schedule. Because we are dealing with the ocean environment, which can be at times unpredictable, we ask you to be flexible with this starting date.


$450 for Open Water Divers and up

$779 for uncertified applicants


.*Interns interested in furthering their experience beyond one week are able to apply for WSORC’s Marine Conservation Internship program.

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